Muhlenberg County Ag & Convention Center

Date: Saturday, August 23, 2014    8am - 4pm

Admission Fee: $5.00 per adult / $2.00 per child

Parking Fee: $2.00 per vehicle

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About the event - 26th Annual Kentucky Deer Classic

The Kentucky Deer Classic has become known as "the" showcase for Kentucky's avid deer hunter and outdoorsman. Hunters from all over the region look forward to our Kentucky Deer Classic as part of their annual preparation for the upcoming hunting season. The exhibition floor will be filled with the latest hunting and outdoor equipment from the leading vendors in the hunting industry.

The traditional seminars, the "Kentucky Wall of Fame", the 3-D Archery Shoot, and the games such as paintball and BB gun shoot will add to the day's activities. This 26th year celebration will certainly bring special opportunities and excitement for all ages.

Kenneth Lancaster

Featuring Antler Insanity host Kenneth Lancaster

Kennth Lancaster, a native of Lake Providence, Louisiana, has an exceptional reputation in the hunting industry. Kenneth's background in archery and his work as a guide, videographer, and hunter, have enhanced his popularity as a devoted outdoorsman.

Kenneth's respect for the great outdoors began as a child, having a father who was a trapper and hunter, and a grandfather who was a commercial fisherman on the Mississippi River. At an early age Kenneth developed a love for archery, shot in 3D tournaments, and worked in a local archery shop.

Kenneth's background includes nine years with Primos Hunting Calls. Kenneth's passion for hunting continues through his work with Michael Waddell's Bone Collector, and with Antler Insanity. Kenneth has hunted elk, whitetail deer, mule deer, moose, woodland caribou, barren ground caribou, black bear, waterfowl, and all species of turkey. Kenneth serves as a spokesperson for Bone Collector, Remington, Hoyt, Shadow Hunter Blinds, and Realtree.

Eddie Salter

Also, You're not going to want to miss the "Turkey Man", Eddie Salter!

Forget turkey hunting shows of the past! Presented by Flextone Game Calls, “Turkey Man” — hosted by Eddie Salter — brings a new level of real-life excitement to turkey hunting TV. With an outside-the-box approach, “Turkey Man” is produced to spin fast-action tales that take viewers along with Eddie Salter in the passion-filled pursuit of wild turkeys.

Stacked with action and excitement, each episode features four to six adrenaline-fueled adventures with high-profile celebrities, professional hunters, families, friends, children, and the average Joe. Eddie deconstructs each hunt, identifying the successes, failures, and the lessons learned from the field.

Kirsten Godfrey

Don't miss our "Women in the Industry" Seminar with Kirsten Godfrey

Kirsten Godfrey, an avid outdoors woman who fell in love with the outdoors when she was just a little girl, will be holding a “Women in the Industry” seminar during this year’s Kentucky Deer Classic. She shot her first deer, a little 8 point buck and her parents were just as shocked as she was! She learned how to gut and clean her deer and how not to be wasteful of a harvested animal. She then shot her first turkey the following spring. Along with racking up the kills under her belt, she learned how to use calls, scent control, the right weather gear, weapons, and how to scout and study her land. When she knew the land, she began to know her animals.

“I have people ask me all the time how it was that I got so involved into hunting. They ask me if I have any other hunters I learned from in my family, or older brothers that made me a tom boy. They are shocked to learn that I taught myself everything I know. I encourage women and children hunters to get outside and learn about what the world has to offer.” –Kirsten Godfrey

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